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Have you taken your step to protect the environment?


«GREENSTEP» is a super-modern manufacture in the sphere of  recycling production wastes. Specialists of «GREENSTEP» have mastered  the technology of  processing of the used PET- packaging into the  high-quality raw stuff for producing a wide range of  consumer goods. Modern equipment and the progressive system of management allows the company to  ensure the quality of  its goods  according to modern European standards.

«GREENSTEP» is a team of professionals, which has clearly demonstrated the  capacity of  dealing with industrial problems and  is making a steady progress in  creating  an international brand.

«GREENSTEP» is a company with a  modern vision of social responsibility of business. 

Throughout the long history of  the development of civilization,the human was a  continuum of the natural world.But since the  highly industrialized society was formed, human intervention in nature has increased greatly. Nowadays the effect of this intervention  is dangerous for humans themselves. Moreover, this threat has a global issue. The most extensive and significant is the pollution by production activities.

Company «GREENSTEP»   actively advocates and promotes the idea of ecological security and sustainable development of society,when meeting the needs of present generation does not deprive the  opportunities of future generations .