Greenstep - manufacture polyester staple fibers


The earth gave food and water.
The subsoil of the planet provided mineral resources for production..
Billions of people have not thought about draining the resources.
The turning point, when one and all should sharply realize limits of the planet, came today.
The story of a marker
At the scheduled lesson in the business school, a green marker laid among other stationeries.  
While lectures on the establishment of effective business models and their development were being read, two young and ambitious entrepreneurs talked on another level of consciousness. In fact, which is called the level of social consciousness.
On the credit side, before the start of a new project, there were a green marker, the successful experience of business construction and development, and a fierce desire to create a company which from the first day would be useful not only to the owners and the team, but also to society as a whole.
Having drawn the line with a green marker on a sheet of paper, the members of the general management future team made their first and most important in the history of the new company decision: to make their actions draw the same green line across the planet, to make their first green step. Follow the evolution.
So, on the basis of the enterprise "HarkovChimVolokno" whose course of development did not meet current market requirements, a young team of the new company started the construction of ultramodern European brand. 
This is how GREENSTEP Company appeared.
Have you already made ​​your first green step?