Greenstep - manufacture polyester staple fibers

The new laboratory of GREENSTEP is equipped

БDue to its physical properties, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used for various purposes, taking fifth place in the world - 6.5% of the total consumption of polymeric materials. The main sphere of its use is manufacture of fibers, preforms and films, which in turn are intermediates for the manufacture of packaging, bottle containers, textile and tire products.

The use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate, obtained during processing of used PET bottles, can be complicated by impurities (paper, plastic caps and so on). Therefore, the main indicator of the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products manufactured from it is the purity of the material.
GREENSTEP Company guarantees the quality of its products by implementing of multistage control system at the enterprise. The quality management system covers all stages of production from the purchase of raw materials to shipment of the goods to the buyer.


The heart of the system will certainly be a new laboratory of the company, which is equipped with modern devices, and equipment for chemical analysis. Each batch of products at each stage of production goes through the list of laboratory tests. For any non-compliance of indicators to the required standards - the party is strictly rejected.