Greenstep - manufacture polyester staple fibers

Two new lines for PET bottles processing

In June, GREENSTEP Company starts the installation of new lines for the processing of used PET bottles. Their total capacity - 1200 tons / month. This fact should be noted for two reasons.

The first reason.   
With the start of new lines, which is scheduled for the end of July, GREENSTEP will be able to process up to 2,100 tons / month of PET bottles. In this case, the volume of PET flex, manufactured by the company, will reach 80% of the total amount of production of such raw materials in Ukraine. This will strengthen the leadership aspirations of the company, and will ensure high purity of the product and stability of its supply, which is achieved when large volumes are processed.
The second reason.
Introduced in 1978, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) has received the widest distribution. This polymer is used in a variety of commodity production, and on the world market of bottle containers with volume 0.3 to 5 liters, its use amounted to 100%. At the same time, because of indegradability of PET in a natural way, hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic bottles were "buried" in the ground, burdening landfills and causing an irreparable blow to the environment.
According to statistics, for each 100,000 of the population there are 20 tonnes of plastic bottles sent to landfill every month. And this figure is increasing by 20% annually.
Start of the new lines is a significant contribution of GREENSTEP company to the solution of environmental problems of Kharkov and entire Ukraine.