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A synthetic winterizer is a non-woven material that is made from polyester fibers by heat treatment, which melts part of the fibers by gluing the fabric. The structure of the material consists of parallel fibrous layers, however, modern technology allows the manufacture of products having multidirectional fibers. Thanks to the active development of the processing industry, it became possible to use such raw materials for the production of syntepon as waste from plastic, for example, bottles and bags.


The main properties of synthetic winterizer are:

  • use of safe hypoallergenic fiber in production;
  • does not absorb moisture and odors;
  • due to wear resistance it is well restored after deformation
  • good air permeability.

Due to these properties, the synthetic winterizer is used as a heater of outerwear, a filler for blankets and other textile products that are in demand in everyday life. 

We offer a wide range of densities: from 40 to 500 g / m², roll widths up to 2.2 m. A synthetic winterizer is available. We constantly replenish stocks of materials in warehouses to guarantee the client the most expeditious delivery. 

You can order a synthetic winterizer from the manufacturer by leaving a request on the website or by phone. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible!

Manager's contacts: +38 067-571-43-28 (Sergey)

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