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Sintepon by Greenstep

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Sintepon is a modern ecological hypoallergenic and practically universal non-woven material

Sintepon 100 g/sq. from 0.36 $/g/sq m

This material is made from polyester fibers by heat treatment, which melts some of the fibers, gluing the fabric together.

Greenstep provides a full cycle of synthetic winterizer production: from recycling used PET containers into polyester fiber to the production of the final product.


The main advantages of padding polyester include:
- a light weight
- soft to the touch
- elasticity
- low cost
- shape retention after deformation and washing

Sintepon is a general concept that combines different types of fillers and heaters, which differ in characteristics and composition.

Depending on the characteristics and different areas of application of this material.

Also, the Greenstep plant has its own laboratory that controls the quality of the padding polyester at all stages of production.

You can order a synthetic winterizer produced by Greenstep by phone: +38 (066) 295 34 22

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