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Strutoplast is a new orthopedic non-woven material from the Greenstep company.
The very concept of "struto" means vertical technology of laying fibers, which allows the material to bend only at the points of pressure, and not over the entire area of ​​the product.


Due to its structure, the material has received the name of independent non-woven springs, which makes the material universal in use and the most demanded in the furniture industry.

Strutoplast is actively used for the production of mattresses and, due to its properties, mattresses with strutoplast are considered one of the best due to their environmental friendliness, safety and orthopedic properties.


Strutoplast, in addition to excellent orthopedic properties, has a number of other advantages:

- hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dust, microorganisms do not start in it;

- does not absorb moisture;

- has a light weight with a relatively large volume;

- as quickly as possible restores its shape after compression;

- has a long service life;

- has good heat exchange, and air circulates well between its fibers;

- has no smell;

- does not absorb odors during storage and operation;

- easy to handle and cut.

The Greenstep assortment has several different densities, which makes the material a wide range of applications. In addition to mattresses, strutoplast can be used in various products of the furniture and textile industry: chairs, armchairs, sofas, orthopedic pillows, sports equipment and even children's toys.

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